VOHA Rough Cut from Philip on Vimeo.

This video shows the dire need of clean water in Africa, specifically Gulu, Uganda. It was shot by Diana Rackow and myself in hopes to bring light of this issue that affects many people around the world and takes so many lives. Every day 5,000 kids die from dirty water.

About VOHA


Founded by David and Dana Mann, VOHA seeks to aid the displaced Acholi people of Gulu, Northern Uganda, in returning to their home villages, by first providing clean water through drilling programs, and agricultural and economic development.


VOHA provides the people with the basic elements for rebuilding their home villages: seeds, tools, and training for agricultural groups to produce needed crops for food security.


VOHA sets up training for Pastor/Shepherds and builds churches for restoring the spiritual development of the village community.

Restoring Hope
One Village at a Time

A living testimony from a member of the Farmers Group, Koro Sub County:

I am a widow and a member of the group, I was forced from my home and three (3) children were abducted. My household, goats, chickens, a cow and ducks were taken from me. I used to plant beans, red ground nuts (peanuts), and sim-sim (sesame) and others. When I was at the camp, “they” distributed food but it was never enough, we had to survive on handouts from relief organizations.

She continues to tell her success story:

By the time we started visiting our land, there were just bushes, no crops, no hut, just broken down mud bricks. Nothing! Then we received a VOHA Team from America and Government Officials to our village. I learned about the program to give seeds and tools to begin farming, so we promised to work hard in our gardens to see that much was harvested.

She is also excited to learn about new VOHA programs:

  • Planting maize
  • Beekeeping
  • Animal husbandry
  • Multi-purpose grinding mills
  • Tailoring program

Typical Village

  • 500 people
  • 90 families
  • 5 farming groups